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Our equipment and our services:

Our company constantly updates and renews its means to be competitive on the market and to guarantee the customer the highest quality, precision and speed. We have:

Lectra Vector M55 automatic cutting

Automatic cut

Vector Fashion Q 25

new generation

Three tables for spreading fabric with a length of mt. 26

Three BKR Italia automatic spreaders

Two pin tables for drawing up squares and lines

Laser for spreading fabrics with placed patterns

Adhesive machine

to apply adhesive

in piece or on panels and subsequent trimming

Investronica Modaris V11 CAD system with HPGL and ISO converters

2 Alys plotters for printing graphics

V11 automatic positioning with consumption optimization

Internal laboratory for prototype packaging

Sample creation and production through external packaging laboratories



Leading company in the production of wetsuits and clothing for water and underwater sports , works alongside Genni's for the design and development of garments for dog trainers .


For our Genni's line and for other modeling services we rely on the expertise of Daniele and Lara , clothing modelers with twenty years of experience.

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