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Reliability ,punctuality andspeed of execution

Fabio and Gessica

We are clothing pattern makers , owners of the Qualitaglio Srl cutting shop, we offer an efficient cutting service and modeling study , characterized by seriousness , punctuality and speed of execution.

The experience and knowledge of the work allows us to be highly versatile and able to cut any type of fabric.

The new market trends lead to the need to offer our customers a service in line with them: efficient and complete.

In fact, we believe that the quality of the work is also measured by the flexibility and willingness to satisfy the customer's needs in ever faster times, for this reason we have structured ourselves to offer a range of services that ranges from the model to the cut.

Qualitaglio srl a passion that was born in 1985

The Qualitaglio company was founded in 1985, in the space of a few years the company has distinguished itself for the cutting of particularly complex garments, checked fabrics, stripes, placed patterns, organza and silks; without however neglecting the cutting of garments that do not require particularly laborious processes.

The entire staff working in the Qualitaglio Srl company has gained many years of experience in the cutting and clothing sector.
Our company is founded on professionalism and collaboration.

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